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Hi, my name is Thomas (Tom Costello). I’m 21 years old and I come from Gold Coast, Australia. I’m a self-producing artist. I write, record, perform and produce all of my music myself. I taught myself how to play the guitar off youtube, along with the piano and after some time realised this is what I wanted to do with my life. I was studying commerce at a university while this was happening and made the decision to drop out mid-term and focus on what I loved to do, which happens to be creating music. I also wanted to learn the technical side of music so that I could do everything myself without depending on other people. I studied for nearly four years at SAE Institute in Byron Bay and Brisbane learning Audio Engineering to help my music sound the way I wanted it to. I started off making electronic music and couldn’t get people to sing over my songs, so I started singing over them myself so that it would sound like a finished song. In the first year of university, I began to expand my music taste by letting lecturers and peers put me on to music I usually wouldn’t have listened to like The Beatles, Radiohead, Daft Punk. I lived on my own for a couple years while studying and spent all my time listening to new music, learning, practising and becoming more and more inspired. With a lot of trial and error, I finally started to develop a style and sound and wrote a bunch of songs to see what people would think. I received a lot of positive responses and thought “hey, maybe I can actually do this”. Graduating from university, I wanted to kickstart my dream career with releasing an Album. I put all the songs together (8 of them) and put them into an Album titled “Limerence”. Limerence is a state of mind that you fall into when you develop a romantic attraction towards someone. It involves intense feelings of euphoria and the desire to have your feelings reciprocated. When the feelings are unrequited it can really mess someone up. All of these songs mean a lot to me, as they were written in very difficult times, and also written in the best of times. This is my first release into the world and I’m excited for people to hear more as I develop as an artist.


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